Emotional Intelligence Seminars
Getting Smart about People Skills


Emotional intelligence: a made-up term for people who want to learn how to be "the nice boss"-or a real scientific concept that can lead to stronger leadership?

Well, as it turns out, there's a huge body of research that now shows that nice guys don't finish last. That of all the traits we associate with successful people, such as intelligence, toughness, determination, and vision-emotional intelligence is the strongest determining factor of leadership success-both with individuals and throughout organizations.

And it makes sense, when you think about it. Consider the kinds of qualities associated with emotional intelligence:

At first, these qualities may sound "soft" and unbusinesslike, but look at it this way-what kind of person would you rather have dealing with difficult employees and clients and making the tough zero-hour decisions in your board room and on your front line?.

Would you rather have bosses and managers who fly off the handle, abuse employees, and make snap judgments and decisions-possibly losing you big money in the process or doing something that can get you sued?

Or would you rather have the cool, calm, and collected managers who can keep their composure when faced with a crisis or disaster? The ones who can work out compromises and solutions that keep employees happy while boosting productivity and adding to the bottom line?

Ready for a more sustainable brand of leadership-the kind of leadership that will improve workplace culture and give you stronger leadership succession over the years?

Then sign up for Emotional Intelligence Seminars with Chuck Wolfe-a two-day event that explores not only what EI is but how to develop it, practice it, and apply it to everyday situations in the office.

As an author, speaker, and executive coach, Chuck is one of the country's foremost authorities on emotional intelligence. He has worked side-by-side and sat on panels with the pioneers of the EI concept, including Peter Salovey, President of Yale; Reuven Bar-On, author of the world's most popular EI assessment; and of course, author and journalist Dan Goleman, who popularized EI in the 90s.

And now, for a fraction of what it would cost to bring Chuck to your office or sit down for a one-on-one with him, you can spend two whole days with Chuck, learning how to grow your own emotional intelligence and how to bring EI to your company.

Ever feel like something is missing from management-
and from your organization?

If you've ever stopped and thought, "There must be more to managing than this"-you'd be right. Intelligence, on-the-job training, and technical know-how will only get you so far up the corporate ladder. You've got to have that "it" factor-that "thing" that makes people want to follow you, want to help you, and see you as a true leader.

Some people have "it" naturally-whatever it is that makes them stand out as leaders.

And for the rest of us, there's Emotional Intelligence Seminars-a focused two-day Seminar that teaches you what EI is, how you can get it, and how to use it on a daily basis in your professional life.

The skills associated with a high Emotional Quotient (your E.Q.) are the same skills that will help you and all the leaders throughout your organization:

There's not much a higher E.Q. can't help you with. Emotional intelligence amplifies all your other talents. You'll notice a difference-and so will all the people around you.

Genuine way
to stand out from the crowd

A leader with strong emotional intelligence stands out from the crowd, because that person connects with people just a little bit better. They're seen as warm and genuine, and people gravitate towards that. Emotionally intelligent leaders can express that they not only understand other people's points of view-they actually care about them too.

And you'll be able to stand out from the crowd too after two days in Emotional Intelligence Seminars. Join EI expert Chuck Wolfe as he guides you through carefully crafted exercises, so you can start building up your E.Q. right away.

Unfortunately, there is a rather dark downside to having low emotional intelligence in management and throughout your organization. It's called "business as usual." Without strong emotional intelligence:

Don't settle for "business as usual." Rise to the challenge! Sign up for Emotional Intelligence Seminars and give yourself and your team a competitive edge:

You can't lose. Managers who keep their heads in a crisis and can empathize better with colleagues are the kinds of managers who can smooth over difficult situations and keep productivity buzzing right along.

Whether you use your newly developed emotional intelligence simply to charm prospective clients or you use it to reach agreement during heavy, rancorous negotiations, you'll have a renewed perspective on what it takes to get along in this world-and in business.

Be the cool-in-a-crisis, in-control leader you've always wanted to be-at a fraction of the cost of bringing Chuck Wolfe to your office. The research proves it-now you can put it into action in your own offices every day. Sign up for Emotional Intelligence Seminars today!


"Great class, great value, effective, worth the time and much to implement! Thanks Chuck, appreciate your contributions!"
Bill Schriever,
Services Delivery Manager
Personal Computers, Inc.

"Great job! Well done. These tools can be used in all aspects of my life!"
Mark Gaulin
Vice President
Personal Computers, Inc.

"An eye opener. I came to learn on how to improve how I interact with others. I am leaving with common sense tools that I can use in every conversation."
Adam Howell
IT Operations Manager
Personal Computers, Inc.

"Forced me to consider emotions, mine and of others, that I have ignored in the past."
David Rosier
Finance and Accounting Manager
Toyota Motor Manufacturing

"What I was personally able to learn and take away from the session was that there exists a structure to the emotions we feel, that there is a method to understand the context of what creates these emotions within yourself and those around you and perhaps most importantly there is a method to manage both your own emotions and those around you to create the environment for positive and meaningful outcomes. While much of what was discussed in the session is applied to the business world and business culture I understand Emotional Intelligence as a basic element of human life. Chuck was able to articulate and bring structure to the slippery, foggy and muddled realm of emotions we feel every day and through the use of the Emotion Roadmap define methods of overcoming emotional differences."
Peter Lofgren
Baker Design Group, Inc

"After learning about emotional intelligence I now feel I have the capability to think logically and plan for interactions with others instead of reacting to what they might do or say. Being able to think through how each important party might be feeling and what would be best for them to feel gives me a framework for better partnerships and outcomes".
John Relation

"Incredible insights and techniques that can be put to immediate use. Leaders often focus on behaviors and neglect emotions. I've learned that you will never achieve desired results without addressing emotions first."
Johnna Tupper
Global Account Manager

"Thank you for a very useful framework to navigate the sometimes confusing, sometimes rewarding and sometimes painful world of emotion!! Thank you."
Jim Beavers
Global Account Manager
Skillsoft Corporation