Emotional Intelligence Seminar – Live Online

Number of Sessions: 2
Session Dates: October 6, 2020 12:00 - 4:00pm EST
October 8, 2020 12:00 - 4:00pm EST
Total Length: 8 hours
Price: Full Seminar (All Sessions) - $795

Join Charles Wolfe in this live and highly interactive online training course.

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12:00-12:30pm   (Introduction)What does Emotionally Intelligent Leadership look like-and how is it Different from Regular Leadership?

The best leaders are those individuals whom people naturally want to follow-even voluntarily. So how do the characteristics that we associate with outstanding leaders compare with traits associated with emotional intelligence? Take Steve Jobs, for example. He was an emotionally intelligent leader … or was he? Find out as we lay the groundwork for our two-day camp.

12:30-1:50pm   The Science and Art of Emotional Intelligence

The pioneers who discovered and studied emotional intelligence needed a way to make their discoveries practical and applicable to daily life. The result: the Emotion Roadmap™.

New leader activity where you will learn about the attributes of a new leader and then decide what they would be like to work with. You'll also ask yourself the questions: How do you see yourself-and how do you believe others see you?

1:50 – 2:00pm Break

2:00-2:30pm   Applying Emotional Intelligence to Leadership - Identify Feelings

Start applying your EI skills by putting theory into practice. View a series of pictures to see how well you are able to assess emotions. You'll also work in small groups to demonstrate and discuss feelings that are associated with leadership. Also in small groups discuss and demonstrate feelings associated with leadership: pride, loyalty, support, engagement. View Plutchik's color wheel of emotions and discuss which feelings support, and which detract from effective leadership.

2:30-3:00pm   Applying Emotional Intelligence to Leadership - Use Feelings

Using emotion is the key to becoming more powerful and gaining control of your own emotions, the emotions of others, and your relationships. You can choose what to feel, based on what is ideal to feel for you and for others. This key principle is the foundation for the Emotion Roadmap™.

3:00-3:45pm   Applying Emotional Intelligence to Leadership - Understand Feelings

Understanding emotions is the key to knowing how to change emotions. Emotions follow certain rules. Participants will participate in several exercises demonstrating how emotions work and a case study involving culture change and the emotional leadership strategies used to move from an autocratic, transactional leadership style to a participative transformational leadership style. The case study will be followed by a powerful exercise on understanding how style impacts leading and how key emotional drivers are associated with different leadership styles.

3:45-4:00pm   Review of the day and how the Emotion Roadmap™ Impacts Leadership

Day Two (One Week later)

12:00-12:15pm   Review

We'll continue to look at the many opportunities you have to apply emotional intelligence to leadership. Quick Q&A regarding day one, followed by small group discussions about your homework and applying the Emotion Roadmap™ to emotionally challenging situations.

12:15-12:45pm   Negotiating Conflict

How do you see eye-to-eye with someone who has a different leadership and emotional style from you? Key techniques for managing emotions and negotiating a conflict with someone with a different style from yours.

12:45-2:00pm   Employee Engagement: Can you influence how engaged your employees feel?

How engaged do your employees feel-and how can you influence their engagement positively?

Learn from real-life case studies involving the leadership of a newly formed project team and a leader confronted with a customer asking him to do something he views as wrong.

2:00 - 2:10pm Break

2:10-2:40pm   Manage Feelings and Performance

Group discussions and exercises demonstrating how to emotionally plan for giving and receiving feedback in circumstances with a strong performer and with a poor performer. Hands-on practice you can apply back at the office.

2:40-3:15pm   High Cost of Low Emotional Intelligence

Studies and research show there are real benefits of high emotional intelligence. What is the cost that is associated with low emotional intelligence-including termination and poor retention?

3:15-3:45pm   Putting it all Together

Ready to put the pieces together and see how EI is going to work in action? Practice using the Emotion Roadmap™, review case studies, and role play.

3:45-4:00pm   Review Objectives, Questions and Answers, Thank you and Goodbye